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“I had the good fortune of meeting Danny through a mutual friend and fellow golf fanatic many years ago. Since that time, and through his patient, constructive and thoughtful instruction my game has improved measurably. Danny has a gift for identifying, enhancing and refining natural athleticism to improve one’s swing and game. However, his mentorship extends well beyond the physical and mechanical parts of the game as he is keenly tuned into the intellectual side of the sport and freely imparts his wisdom in this regard, encouraging self reflection and thought as one navigates around the course.

Most importantly though, Danny is an incredible human being and I have been privileged to also have spent time with him socially. ‎He’s a great husband, amazing father and a pleasure to be around.

I’m a better golfer and a better person for having met Danny and I strongly endorse him with pride.”

Kevin Murphy, Regional Vice President
Real Estate Banking, RBC

“Coaching from Danny King reminds me of some iconic cereals: It is “Magically Delicious” and will “Bring out the Tiger in you.” Lessons: “They’re not good. They’re Gr-r-reat” . With a smash factor of 1.45, and the ability to reach the green in regulation, lessons from Danny have transformed my long game and given me tremendous confidence on the course. “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”

And best of all unlike cereal, lessons from “Special K” are not at all fattening!”

Mary Matthews, CPA, CA, ICD.D
President and Co-Founder
Santa Comes To Bay Street


“I met Danny when I joined Magna. I’ve always had pros teach me from Day 1 to learn so I don’t injure myself. The reality is some teachers can see what students do wrong and others don’t. Danny is one who could ‘see’ what I was doing wrong. That is only half the battle – next step – train the bad habits out and bring on the new ones! It’s always helpful with teaching aids and because Danny is truly a Pro (on the circuit) he has access to these teaching tools. This is what separates the regular pros from true pros!And if you haven’t figured it out yet – Danny is the real deal – talented in his own right but also a great natural teacher.”

Elaine Chin, M.D., M.B.A.
Founder, Chief Medical Officer, Executive Health Cent

Skype: executive.health

“I have known Danny for 20 + years . What he has done over the last few years IS EXCEPTIONAL. Danny has achieved the very rare feat of becoming a world class instructor while at the same time improving his own game that already was one of the best in Canada . Extremely impressive . If Danny King thinks that I had even the smallest assist in that accomplishment then I am truly Honoured.”

Mark Evershed
Director of Golf
Evershed Golf Academy
Wintergarden, Florida


“To be the best you need to work with best. This best describes Danny King’s approach to golf performance. He has an open mind, keen to learn and blends biomechanical concepts into his analysis and instruction. The constant sharing of ideas and respect for his team members, sets Danny apart from his peers. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t learn something new, from Danny, about the golf swing and client management.”

Kevin Honsberger, BSc.P.T.
Founder, Honsberger Physiotherapy and Biomechanics Clinic
Aurora , Ontario


“As many golfers my age (54) do, I have taken lessons with some of the best teaching pros in the country but I can tell you straight out, Danny King has helped me achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. He is simply the best!”

It comes as no surprise that his dedication to being the best has also translated to becoming the #1 CPGA player in the country!”

Darryl Iwai
Fountain Hills Investments Ltd.
33 Isaacson Cres.
Aurora, Ontario

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